Comedian of The Year Patty Ross

patty ross

The Comedian of the Year Award will be presented to Boston’s own Patty Ross. Patty has been on a roll with hilarious parts in the films Spotlight, The Heat, Grown Ups, and The Three Stooges. She will appear in the movie Stronger with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2017.

Perhaps the greatest connoisseur of American comedy says it best:

“Patty Ross is, for me, everything a top-flight comic should be. Funny, of course. But Patty is sharply intelligent, physically funny, obviously a shrewd creator of material and, onstage, an artist. Her performing skills range from hilarious to warmly touching. I laughed until I hurt the first time I saw her in person. They say you can’t have it all.  Patty Ross does.”

-Dick Cavett

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