Comedy Fundraisers

You need a place and a date to hold your comedy fundraiser. Allow at least 4- 6 weeks to properly promote your event.

You can be very successful with a venue that seats 150/200 people.

Find the appropriate comedians. We at the Boston ComedyFestival can help you with that we have book literally thousands of acts for nearly 20 years.

The BCF can help you set up an event page on facebook then have all your volunteers drive traffic to the site. Also have everyone mention it on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and well you get the idea. Oh, yea and do not forget good old word of mouth the original social media.

You are the best promoter to sell tickets. Assign people to a committee get 10 to twelve people who and ask them each to sell 10 to 20 tickets. Once you fill your venue you can then work on secondary ways to make money like raffles and silent auctions.


Brand your event. Let everyone know what the money is being spent for whether it’s hurricane relieve or soccer uniforms.

2. Unfortunately just about anyone who has tried doing an amateur night can call him or herself a comedian. You do not want to find out they are amateur or inappropriate on the big night of your event.

Boston Comedy Festival Founder Jim McCue has been doing comedy for over 25 years everywhere from Last Comic Standing and Comedy Central to Cruise Ships and USO tours. Let Jim and his sister Helen current director of the Boston Comedy Festival make your event or fundraiser successful.

For more help raising money for your event contact the experts at the Boston Comedy Festival.

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