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Boston Comedy Festival Finalist

Stand Up Comedy Contest Submissions

All Submissions must be completed by July 7th 2017
Please note that you will not be considered eligible for entry until you have supplied all necessary information:
  • - Short Bio (limited to 200 words)
  • - Link to a 5-7 min, live, unedited performance of your act.
    Please don't set your video to private. (If it's private, we can't see it.)
  • -Submission fee is $38
Boston Comedy Festival Finalist

Short Film Submissions

The Boston Comedy Festival strives to bring the best in independent comedic films to the Boston area and to help independent filmmakers and the independent film community to grow. The Boston Comedy & Movie Festival “Shorts” Best Film will be judged by the audience. Films selected for the Boston Comedy & Movie Festival will also be eligible to be screened during the Southeast New England (SENE) Film, Music & Arts Festival (April 24-28, 2018)

  • - Funny, Short (ideally less than 15 minutes, but no longer than 20 minutes)
  • - Completed between January 2015 and August 2017
  • - Submission fee is $25(or $20 for films under 6 minutes)
  • - Sbmitted before the deadline of August 31st, 2017

Submissions FAQ’s

Boston Comedy Festival Stand Up Competitions FAQ's

Q. When is the submission deadline?
A. The deadline for the Boston Comedy Festival Stand-Up Contest is July 7th 2017

Q. The video I want to use is longer then 7 min can I still send it?
A. If your video is longer than 7 minutes you can still submit it but due to the volume of submissions we only guarantee that we watch the FIRST 5 minutes.

Q. performed at last two festivals and now I'm addicted to it. Do I need to submit again and pay a submission fee?
A. Yes you do. However, keep in mind that we're always on the lookout for new performers to feature at BCF. But if you think your new material is amazing and you really want to play BCF again, submit away!

Q. How many comics get accepted into the Stand-Up Competition?
A. 48

Q. How much time will I do?
A. The Boston Comedy Festival: The Preliminary sets are 5 minutes. Semi Final and Final Sets are 8 min *Note there is a penalty if you go over your time.

Q.Can I do the same material in each round?
A. That is up to you.

Q. How is the order of comedians picked for each show?
A. We randomly draw numbers before the show. The number you draw is the order in which you will perform. This is part of the reason that we ask you arrive half an hour early.

Q. How will I learn if I am accepted to perform?
A. We will email you the date and time of your preliminary round and a schedule of your other shows.

Q. I didn't get in. Can I still come and hang out?
A.YES! If you submitted a complete application you are more then welcome to come to the shows and after-parties. Just email us at requesting your credentials By September 15th 2017

Q. What shows will I be able to get in to with my performer pass?
A. Your credentials will get you into all shows. However, ticket holders and industry credentials will get priority seating. On occasion, when our shows are very popular and seats are filled, performer credentials will be ushered to a standing room only until we are at fire capacity. Television and audio are provided for anyone who is not able to safely fit into the performance area. Being a part of a festival where we are at full capacity is not the worst thing in world!

We want you.

The Boston Comedy Festival is always looking for talented people who love comedy to join the team. If you’re able to volunteer, or have a skill or service that you think we need, we’d love to hear from you.

Want to lend a hand at The Boston Comedy Festival? Here's your chance! We need a variety of folks for everything from ticket takers to tech help.

  • In exchange for volunteering, we're offering:
  • A complimentary festival pass good for all four days of the festival
  • A Boston Comedy Festival T-Shirt
  • A chance to be part of a fun festival...and Hugs!

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

Our sponsors make it possible for us to focus on creating the best experience for the artists involved as well as festival goers. We are dedicated to finding the right sponsorship opportunity for you and pride ourselves on the mutually beneficial partnerships that we’ve developed with sponsors over the years. We create custom sponsorship packages to fit most any budget and carefully matched with Boston Comedy Festival or event that properly best suits your marketing objectives. Boston Comedy Festival goers are open-minded, connected, spontaneous, eager to snap up goods and services with a positive attitude towards arts and entertainment.

  • Our targeted demographic has some history of attendance at similar events.
  • • Aged 18 – 55.
  • • A chance to be part of a fun festival
  • • Medium to high disposable income. We offer a variety of levels of sponsorship, including in-kind and custom sponsorships. Advertising in our program is a great way to get your message to a large audience at very reasonable rates


The Boston Comedy Festival is currently seeking hardworking and motivated interns in Boston to help out in its various departments. We’re offering both full and part time, unpaid internships ideal for those looking to gain experience in the entertainment industry with respect to comedy, live production and independent festivals.

We offer an exciting opportunity for interns looking to work in the comedy business. All internships are non-paid three month internships in which students can discover what the comedy business is all about. We offer internships in a variety of departments with the opportunity to meet and connect with business professionals. Working directly with Boston Comedy Festival employees to gain a better understanding of marketing and promoting the comedy business overall. Develop real world job skills to use in the entertainment business, (events marked in red on the calendar) during the internship period only. All Guests must observe the two item minimum in the showroom.

Past interns have gone on to become agents, managers, performers and producers in the entertainment industry.

COMEDY PRODUCTIONS INTERN: Will assist with scheduling, rescheduling, and confirming comedians for off-site events. Their internship will include learning how to create contracts with schools, venues and talent, as well as creating a relationship with clubs, casinos, cruise ships, and colleges. The intern will observe, discover, and implement skills such as networking, negotiation, and talent management.

PRODUCTION INTERN:Will assist booker with scheduling, rescheduling, and confirming comedians for upcoming events, email and to help market shows and build a fan base. Interns will learn and implement marketing techniques, including email marketing, and creative strategies, that will enable them to produce, sell, and stage managing a live comedy event.

Boston Comedy Festival

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