Ted Pettingell

If it were up to Ted Pettingell his comedy Bio would probably look something like this: “Ted Pettingell loves performing stand up comedy. He hates writing short bios about himself. Ted regularly performs comedy all over New England and beyond. He rarely works on writing his bio. So lets review. Ted’s Comedy, Great. Ted’s Bio, Bad.” Unfortunately, having a bio like that would make a person look “Childish” or “Psychotic” and Ted is certainly neither of those things. So in the name of Professionalism lets give this the old college try: Ted Pettingell began performing comedy in the Boston area in early 2006 at the ripe old age of 18. Even from the very beginning he had a unique and refreshing take on things. Over the years he has only gotten funnier and younger… I’m sorry not younger, I meant more experienced. But even with that experience he maintains his youthful vigor and appearance. Ted’s comedy is regularly praised for being dynamic, perspective driven, and original. On occasion female audience members have been know to touch his arm after shows. This makes Ted feel incredibly uncomfortable… Because he has a girlfriend, not because he’s some weirdo afraid of human contact. Ted was once called “The Bad Boy of Boston Comedy” by someone who almost certainly has no idea what a Bad Boy is. Ted isn’t bad or a boy or at this point hardly “of Boston.” He is super and a man and “of the World.” So a better nick name would have been, the Superman of the Comedy World. Ted’s comedy star continues to be on the rise so if you have the opportunity to, come see him at a Comedy Club, College, Rock Venue, Dive Bar, Coffee Shop, Pizzeria with a sound system, Attic of a Chinese Food Restaurant, Karaoke Night gone horribly wrong, or any of the other places he regularly performs comedy.

Boston Comedy Festival

Boston Comedy Fest