Q. When is the festival this year?
A. November 8th – 16th 2013

Q. How do I get ticket?
A.You can buy you tickets on line buy going HERE or you can buy tickets at the door.

Q. I have a big group of people who want to go to a show, how do we get tickets?
A. Please email us at bostoncomedyfest@gmail.com, and we can help you with that!

Q.How much does it cost?
A. Tickets prices vary depending on the show. Most of our tickets are between $15 and $35

Q.Do I have to be 21 to get into a show
A. Nope if your over 18 your all set!

Q.Do I have to be 18 to get into a show
A. You can attend shows at the Davis Square Theatre and Somerville Theatre if you are under 18…. BUT you must be accompanied by and adult

Boston Comedy Festival Stand Up Competitions FAQ’s

Q. When are the submission deadlines?
A. Sept 1st

Q. How many comics get accepted to each Stand-Up Competition?
A. 96 comics are selected

Q. How much time will I do?

  • ¬†Preliminary sets are 5 minutes.
  • Semi Final sets are 10 minutes
  • Final Sets sets are 5 minutes
    *Note there is a penalty if you go over your time. 

Q.I didn’t get in. Can I still come and hang out?
A.YES! If you submitted a complete application you are more then welcome to come to the shows and after-parties

Q. What shows will I be able to get in to with my performer pass?
A.Your credentials get you in to all shows. However, ticket holders and Industry credentials get priority seating. On occassions when our shows are very popular and seats are filled Performer credentials will be ushered to a stand room only until we are at Fire Capacity. Television and audio are provided for anyone who is not able to safely it in to the performance area. Being a part of festival where we are packed is not the worst thing in world!

Q. Can I do the same material in each round?
A. Thats up to you.

Q. How is the order of comedians picked for each show?
A. We randomly draw numbers before the show. The number you draw is the order in which you will perform. This is part of the reason that we ask you arrive half an hour early.

Q. How will I learn if I am accepted to perform?

A. We will email you the date and time of your preliminary round.