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Funny Shorts!

November 9, 2013 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Davis Square Theatre

255 Elm Street, Somerville , MA 02143 United States

Tickets: $7

Come out a see these amazing short funny films that have been selected to screen at our Comedy Shorts Matinee.

Who’s Café
Director/Producer: Jay Walker, 5 min.
Based on an update of one of the greatest comedy sketches of all time, “Who’s Café” follows Paul, an optimistic new hire at a local café, as his attempt to learn the basics of the new position slowly drives him mad.

Cap South – Episode 6: The Date
Director/Producer: Rob Rafferty, 8 min.
Elliot and Nicole hit the mean streets of Arlington, VA on their first date. They get along swimmingly, but is there more to Nicole than meets the eye?

LonelyGirl48 2
Director: Jesse Scaturro, Producers: Vicky Kuperman, Kendra Cunningham, 3 min.
A lonely, suspicious girl tries online dating with a little help from her protective friends.

20 S
Director/Producer: Mario Rico, 1 min.
An identical copy of your lover. Which one is real?

Incest! The Musical
Director: Grant Reed, Producer: Kai de Mello-Folsom, 24 min.
Alex is class president. Katie is valedictorian. They’re perfect for each other. They’re also twin brother and sister. This year’s prom is going to be interesting…

The Weather Girl
Director: Carleen Kyle, Producer: Nathalie De Los Santos, 10 min.
A former weather girl struggling with her current role as full-time caregiver for her incapacitated father decides to take creative advantage of two evangelists who show up at her father’s door.

The Grapes of Wranglers
Director: David Ells, Producers: Brett Johnson, Audrey Claire Johnson, 5 min.
Cowboy wine snobs be buttin’ heads.

Friends of Dorothy
Directors: Vicky Kuperman, Michael De Angelis, Producers: Vicky Kuperman, Kendra Cunningham, 2 min.
A bad news professional is called in to talk to an enamored mom.

The Marriage Pact
Director: Josh Gondelman, Producer: Micah Sherman, 9 min.
Two friends who make a marriage pact in high school follow through twenty years later.

The Guy Who’s F***ing Your Girlfriend
Director: Shane McCarthy, Producers: Shane McCarthy, Casey Golden, 24 min.
When a heartbroken boyfriend and his best friend take revenge on the man who’s sleeping with his girlfriend, everything spins wildly and inappropriately out of control.