Call for Entries Now Open Through Thursday, October 21, 2011

  • FILMS MUST BE: Funny, Short (less than 12 minutes)
  • Completed between January 2010 and Septmeber 2011
  • Submitted on well marked DVDs
  • Accompanied with an Official Entry Form & Entry Fee of $25
  • and be submitted before the deadline

Entry Fee of $25, and be submitted before the deadline.
The Boston Comedy & Movie Festival IMAGINE “Shorts” Best Film will be judged by the Audience: Winner takes a Cash Prize of $1,000.
Film Title: ________________________________________________________________

Director’s Name: _______________________________________________________________

Date completed: ________________________Running Time: (MN:SC) ___________________

Submitted By: _______________________________________Title______________________

Address: __________________________________________


Phone Number: ___________________________

Mobile Number: ________________________

Email Address: _________________________Website _________________________________

Please list other film festivals where your film has been shown: ____________________________

Synopsis/tag line: ________________________________________________________________


If your film is accepted, will you attend the festival? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe

Does your film have a media kit online?_________________________________________________

Festival Fee: Check or money order payable to IMAGINE Publishing, Inc.
Please provide 2 well-labeled DVD copies of your submission with this application.

Applicant’s signature (principals only):


Send materials & entry fee to: IMAGINE Publishing, Inc. PO Box 382332, Cambridge, MA 02138. Visit for more information.